Contentment can be elusive at times.  One day we may feel content and happy with our lives.  The next day we spend listing all of the things that we lack and the problems that we face.  Why do we have such variations in our days?

One reason, I believe, is based on our relationship with God.  We say, “Oh, I trust God to meet my needs and to guide me.”  Then He asks us to do something.

How is your response to that?  How quick are you to do what He says or how quick are you to tell yourself that you don’t need to do that?

Every time we reason that we don’t need to do the thing that we read to do in the Bible.  Every time we tell ourselves that we can handle things ourselves, we are discontent.  We rarely think of our actions as demonstrating discontentment, but that has got to be what they are.  Are we content with what God has said and is doing in our lives or are we trying to work things out ourselves?

But godliness actually is a means of great gain
when accompanied by contentment.
I Timothy 6:6

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