Emancipation Day

I love reading The Week in Words at Stray Thoughts.  I also enjoy collecting quotations, so I thought I would join in sharing quotes that I have found on Mondays.

Today is Emancipation Day in Grenada. I would like to share some thoughts about freedom.

True freedom is only possible in Jesus Christ.

   “There is no higher truth than this — that the sinless Son of God
        died on the cross for sinful man.”
Alfred Martin in his book titled Isaiah.

  “It is not the mere exercise of faith that saves; it is the object of faith
       that saves.  The object of faith determines the value of faith.  Saving
        faith is saving faith because its object is Christ.”
Michael Barrett in Beginning at Moses.

This last quotation is from my personal files, and I am not from which book it came.  It is another reminder that Christ is the true answer, and this quote comes from a woman who understood that truth even when she was not free.

   You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you
       have. ~ Corrie Ten Boom


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4 Responses to Emancipation Day

  1. I love the Michael Barrett quote in particular. It is CHRIST that makes faith work. Thanks for sharing all these.

  2. Barbara H. says:

    Thanks so much for joining in! These are great. That concept in Barrett’s quote, that it is the object of our faith and not so much how much faith we have, that really helped me when I was struggling with assurance of my salvation.

    Corrie ten Boom’s quote resonated with me as well. When I was first saved, the months leading up to it I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me and everything else in life I had leaned on fell away — but that was when I found His grace sufficient for every need.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I appreciated the Michael Barrett quote. True freedom can be found only in Christ.

  4. Great quotes–all of them ! I love Corrie ten Boom!

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