Because of My Father

Today is my father’s birthday.  I thought I would share some things I have learned because of my father.

God is Important.  I learned this from my father who learned it from his father.  My grandfather and family left Russia with little more than the clothes on their backs.  My grandfather wanted his family to live where they could worship and serve God freely.  About 30 years later, my father had our family move across the USA so that we could all be part of the same Christian educational institution.  I have been impressed that he thought Christian education and preparation for serving the Lord was that important.  I often heard things my father say things like, “Is it the Lord’s will?” or “if that is what the Lord wants you to do” focusing my attention on God.  We read the Bible as a family, and I saw him reading his Bible.

A Love of Nature.  My father is a retired biology professor.  From him I learned the names of many plants and animals.  From Padre Island which are some of my earliest memories to hikes to Table Rock and places across the USA, God’s creation has become more beautiful and real to me.  My father would often point out some unique characteristic of the plant or animal that only the great God could have made.  My children love to do things with Papa because “he knows the names of everything.”  I thought the same way as a child.

A Love of Books.  Most Saturdays my father took us to the county library to check out loads of books.  We received books as gifts.  My father talked about books he read while growing up and books he had just read.  My parents first met in a library – there has got to be some significance to that.  My father was probably the first person to suggest that I read more Christian biographies than fiction.  Learning about these godly people has been a blessing.

Although these are just a few things, they make me grateful for my godly heritage.  They also remind me that no matter what we do we can make God important in our lives and for others.




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2 Responses to Because of My Father

  1. Beth says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your dad, Sharlene. I’m so glad you have a godly family legacy to follow … and “cool’ that your grandfather came to the US for religious freedom. Don’t hear enough stories like that nowadays. 🙂

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