Promises – Past, Present and Future

With Christmas we celebrated promises past that were fulfilled.  The promise of a Saviour that was given to Adam and Eve (And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel.  Genesis 3:15) began its fulfillment when Jesus was born.  He grew to be a man, a perfect man, who then could die for our sins.  An incredible promise that was fulfilled.

We look forward to the fulfillment of another promise – Jesus’ second coming as King of Kings.  That will be a glorious time of celebration for all who believe in Jesus as their Saviour.

Now in this time in between these great promises are promises that Jesus is fulfilling.  I finished reading Leviticus recently and was reminded that God promises to bless those who obey Him.  He also promises to punish those who chose to disobey Him. (Leviticus 26)  How He does it today I don’t know, but He is the unchanging God so He views obedience and disobedience the same way.  I don’t like to think about promises that bring difficulty.  Yet this new year provides me an opportunity to work on living a life of consecrated obedience which should bring some wonderful, blessed promises.

To know what God wants us to do we need to read the Bible.  There are some clearly and bluntly stated commands, but God, who made us and cares about every area of our lives, wants us to please Him in other ways as well.  We need to read the Bible to learn about God and what His desires are, and not read it looking for lists of things to do and not do.  If we understand God better, we will know better what He wants us to do without following a detailed list.

It is sort of like my going shopping.  I don’t need to bring a list from my husband telling all the thing that I can and cannot buy.  That would be stupid, because I will certainly be faced with products and situations that we have not discussed.  Because I know my husband’s desires, the focus that he wants our family to have, his concerns, I can make decisions and get things that please him.

If we make learning about God a priority this year, it can be an exciting and blessed year of seeing Him fulfill His blessed promises as we joyfully obey Him.

Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone as
slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one whom you obey,
either of sin resulting in death,

or of obedience resulting in righteousness?
But thanks be to God that though you were slaves of sin,
you became obedient from the heart
to that form of teaching to which you were committed
Romans 6:16-17

Now therefore, O sons, listen to me,
For blessed are they who keep my ways.
Heed instruction and be wise,
And do not neglect it.
Blessed is the man who listens to me,
Watching daily at my gates,
Waiting at my doorposts.
For he who finds me finds life
And obtains favor from the Lord.
But he who sins against me injures himself;
All those who hate me love death.
Proverbs 8:32-36

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