Bible Study

This page is here to provide some helps for reading your Bible.

If you want to read through the Bible in a year or two, go here for a schedule to follow.

Another way to read the Bible is to divide it into 6 parts:
the books of Moses beginning with Genesis,
the books of Old Testament history beginning with Joshua,
the books of poetry beginning with Job,
the books of prophecy beginning with Isaiah
the Gospels beginning with Matthew
the rest of the New Testament beginning with Acts.
The idea behind this method is to read a chapter from each section every day. You will end up re-reading some parts as you work to complete other parts.  If you read from each section daily, you will read the whole Bible twice in a year and the books of Moses and the Gospels four times.  The beauty of this method is that you get a quicker overview of the whole Bible. You will also see how the whole Bible was written to work together to give you understanding of God.

If you would like to consider other methods, look here.

As you read, mark your Bible. At least underline verses that help you. I like to use coloured pencils. I use the following colours to mark certain kinds of verses by colouring all or part of the verse:
red for warnings or things I should not do
green for things I should do
yellow for promises and blessings
purple for statements that describe God or reveal the deity of Jesus Christ
blue for general statements that are good to remember.

Also choose a colour for marking time, such “3 days”, “100 years”, “morning”, “after many days”. Choose another colour to mark places to keep track of journeys, battles, significant places in a person’s life. Use other colours as well to mark key words in different books. The colours make your Bible colourful, and they can also help you find verses a little more quickly.

Key words that I have been marking throughout the whole Bible are
sin, transgression, iniquity and forms of words coloured black
the LORD found in the Old Testament coloured purple
the Spirit, Holy Spirit when definitely referring the Spirit of God coloured grey
Old Testament quotations in the New Testament coloured yellow-orange lightly
know, especially in reference to knowing God or His Word coloured green
truth, true, faith, faithful when referring to God or what we as believers should have I colour aqua green
peace coloured light blue
believe, belief coloured sky blue
love coloured pink
mercy coloured orange
forgive, forgiveness and forms of the words draw a box around in orange
obey, obedience and forms of the words draw a box around in green
righteous, righteousness underlined in magenta
wisdom underlined in purple

The list of words I mark increases year by year as I decide that I want to keep track of different words or concepts in the Bible.  I have been marking my Bible for more than twenty years which is why this list is as long as it it.  If you are just starting to mark your Bible, I suggest that you start by marking verses that are important to you.  You can use the colours I suggested at the beginning of this post or choose your own.  I use Crayola coloured pencils box of 24 or larger.  They can be erased if you erase gently.  I do not recommend the eraserable Crayola; the regular ones work well in a Bible.


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